Ruby and Scarlett

My brother and nephew from Austin and my sister from Honolulu were in town for a family reunion and to help celebrate my wife’s birthday. Since eating at a Chinese restaurant is a time-honored event when we get together to “talk story,” the family gathered to share a meal at Kau Kau Chinese restaurant in the ID district, which I think has the best char siu (barbequed pork) in Seattle, so juicy, tender, and sweet.

During the dinner, my grandnieces, Ruby and Scarlett, drew on pieces of paper as kids often do when given the opportunity. Here are two drawings on postcards I had given them; you might recognize me in the drawing to the left! These drawings are so delightful—intuitive, honest, and uninhibited. I am not sure why but we often lose these qualities in our drawings as we grow older and we have to work really hard to recapture and retain that innocence.