Hello world!

Welcome to my new WordPress blog. I’m excited for the opportunity to share some of my work and thoughts on seeing, thinking, and drawing.

To begin, I am reposting a composite image of the Spanish Steps in Rome I had originally published on my facebook page last December. I drew the portion on the left when I was a student in 1965 and traveling around Europe after a summer internship in London. The right half was done when I was teaching in Rome in the Jubilee Year, 2000—a span of 35 years. Different times, different circumstances, different set of eyes, different pens.

Going forward, I intend to post about once a week, recycling sketches that I had previously posted on facebook the past two years, interspersed with current work. I’m hoping to link each post to <www.facebook.com/chingfanpage>, and so while I have comments turned off on this site, please feel free to comment on my facebook page.

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