Curtis Steiner


A group of Seattle UrbanSketchers enjoyed a crisp, sunny morning meet-up in Ballard last Friday with Sharon Bryant, who was visiting from Vermont. Here is a view of the building at the corner of Ballard Avenue NW and 22nd Avenue NW, which used to house the Guitar Emporium and is now the shop of Curtis Steiner. I find it difficult to describe Steiner’s work and so I will quote the headline and lead-in to an article from 2008 written by Tyrone Beason in the Seattle Times Pacific NW magazine:

“Artist and entrepreneur, Curtis Steiner shows us the value of objects ordinary or odd. Ballard gift-store owner Curtis Steiner applies his exquisite taste to both creating and finding things people will value as beautiful.”

If you are ever in Ballard, it is well worth a visit.